Insurance for DEFI Protocols

Insurance for defi protocols

Decentralized markets have made insurance for defi protocols necessary. Learn about how decentralized insurance works and how it can manage risk.

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Electric Vehicle Sales

Electric vehicle sales

Electric vehicle sales are surging due to a combination of policy support, battery improvements, and new compelling models from automakers. However a complete transition would require large-scale technological and infrastructure improvements.

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Battery Degradation & How to Prevent It

Battery degradation

Battery analytics refers to software that maximizes the battery’s performance, not just when it is in use but also while choosing the best battery cell or creating the system as a whole. The potential for improving the in-field operation of battery storage will be the main focus of this theme.

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Connected Data Creates Value for the Automotive Industry

connected vehicle data

Vehicle connectivity refers to the transmission of car data from modems embedded in the vehicle to communicate with other vehicles, infrastructure, or networks. This data may include variables like location, speed, engine status, traffic conditions, and much more.

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2022 Web Summit Lisbon Conference

Web Summit Lisbon_2022

Web Summit 2022 brings together 70000+ attendees, 2000+ startups, 900+ speakers, 1000+ investors, and 300+ partners from 160+ countries who will be redefining the tech industry. This theme contains use cases of selected startups who attend Web Summit 2022 Lisbon.

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