In the Ear of the Beholder: Entrapeer’s Podcast Essentials This International Podcast Day

September 30th marks International Podcast Day, a global celebration of the power of podcasts. 

In today’s fast-paced tech industry, podcasts have become an indispensable resource for information and entertainment. In this blog post, we’re giving you a peek into the curated ecosystem of podcasts our team at entrapeer enjoys and how they contribute to their personal and professional lives. 


The Power of Podcasts


Whether you’re looking to accelerate growth in your career or unwind, podcasts offer a versatile medium for education, entertainment, and empowerment. With over 5 million podcasts, 70 million episodes, and over 150 languages worldwide, there’s something for everyone. 

In the tech industry, podcasts can serve as important tools, offering up-to-date information to help businesses stay ahead. They bring innovation matchmaking to your fingertips, bridging knowledge gaps and introducing new paradigms for enterprise revenue growth and risk reduction. 

With an audience that spans generations and global borders, podcasts have become an invaluable medium for anyone looking to innovate with evidence. 


Entrapeer’s Favorites


At entrapeer, we’re not just about B2B startups and Enterprise solutions–we’re a tapestry of interests and aspirations. Podcasts allow us to broaden our perspectives, whether it’s for professional development or personal enrichment. Here are some of our team’s favorites:


Eren Hükümdar: Lenny’s Podcast: Product | Growth | Career


Co-founder (aka Dot Connector)

As the Co-founder and Dot Connector of entrapeer, Lenny’s podcast is my go-to. It delves beyond the theoretical, offering empirically grounded insights that are directly applicable to both my business, entrapeer, and my personal development. 

Hosted by Lenny Rachitsky, the podcast features interviews with some of the world’s leading product and growth experts. These aren’t just casual conversations; they’re deep dives into the nitty-gritty of building, launching, and growing a product. Whether it’s dissecting user acquisition strategies or exploring the complexities of product-market fit, each episode leaves you with concrete, actionable advice that you can apply directly to your professional journey.

Sara Holyavkin: StrictlyVC Download | Connie Loizos & Alex Gove

Head of Experience & Marketing (aka Chief Color Officer)

Sara here, entrapeer’s Head of Experience and Marketing (a.k.a. Chief of Color). I love listening to this Podcast because it’s a good walking companion.

They publish episodes weekly or bi-weekly, evaluating top tech news of the week–sometimes sarcastically 😉

They also interview VCs, entrepreneurs, and authors, asking the kind of exciting questions that keep my entrepreneurial spirit ticking.

Jale Ipekoǧlu: The Freelance Hub | Lunafi

Head of IT (aka Schrödinger’s Cat)

I’m Jale, Head of IT or, as we like to joke, Schrödinger’s Cat of the team. “The Freelance Hub by Lufani is my go-to Podcast. 

Whether you’re a freelancer or a gig worker, this series speaks directly to you. I love how they mix up their content, featuring everything from Instagram Lives to Clubhouse talks. It’s versatile and down-to-earth, offering real-world advice for anyone looking to thrive in the freelance economy.

The podcast offers real-world advice that is grounded in the realities of freelancing. Whether it’s about optimizing your workflow, understanding contracts, or managing your finances, each episode provides actionable insights that have helped me think critically about how I approach my role at Entrapeer.

It’s great because I can enjoy it if I’m out for a walk, just as much as I can if I just need a mental break.

Ali Işitman: Critical Role | Critical Role

Head of Startup Relationships (aka Innovative Mediator)

Hello I’m Ali, head of startup relationships and the Innovative Mediator here at Entrapeer. My favorite Podcast is Critical Role. Professional voice actors playing Dungeons and Dragons together—what’s not to love? 

If you’re looking for some epic storytelling and a good laugh, I definitely recommend it. 


Hillary Lyons: Work Life with Adam Grant Imaginary Worlds

Head of Marketing (aka Wordsmith)

Professionally speaking, Adam Grant’s Work Life is my favorite Podcast. As an organizational psychologist, he looks at the world’s most innovative and successful organizations and entrepreneurs to learn how leaders can make “work not suck.” 

He interviews people like the CEO of Pepsi, Lin Manuel Miranda, and Dolly Parton to discover how they’ve built successful, fulfilling careers (both for themselves and their employees/partners) and he always gives actionable suggestions for how you can apply the same tools, tricks, and mindset to your own work.

On a purely fun level, I love Imaginary Worlds. Host Eric Molinsky explores why we create fictional, fantastical worlds—like Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, or professional wrestling—and how we suspend our disbelief to immerse ourselves in them. 

Cüneyt Erkol: The Futur | Chris Do
UI/UX Designer (aka Design Perfector)

The Futur with Chris Do is the podcast I swear by. It delves into a broad spectrum of topics that resonate deeply with me—Mindset, Marketing, Sales and Negotiations, Pricing, and Motivation.

What sets this podcast apart is its ambitious mission: the #1BminusOne project aims to teach one billion people how to make a living doing what they love without losing their essence. It’s not just another design podcast; it’s a manual for a fulfilling life in the creative industry.

Celebrating the Podcast Universe Together

At entrapeer, our choice of podcasts speaks to the diverse range of interests and the plethora of technological solutions we bring to the industry. This variety isn’t just for fun; it reflects how podcasts serve us in different ways. They’re more than just a pastime—they educate, entertain, and empower us. They help us all stay in the loop within the ever-changing tech industry, offering valuable insights into mental health, and yes, they make us laugh, too. 

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