Celebrating 2 Years of Innovation, Growth, and Community

AI-driven SaaS Innovation for B2B Startups

In the B2B SaaS sector, two years can feel like a lifetime. That’s the catch-22 of working so closely with AI technologies: you get so accustomed to everything happening at breakneck speeds that it can be difficult to slow down and be introspective.

As we celebrate entrapeer’s second anniversary, we reflect on our journey from a budding startup to an enterprise AI pioneer. AI has been integral to entrapeer from its inception. With this technology projected to flourish at an annual growth rate of 37.3% from 2023 to 2030, it remains central to our future endeavors. 

Over the past two years, we’ve successfully embraced and excelled in this dynamic sector. Our dedicated AI engine – entramind – harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize market research and corporate innovation. Entramind delivers:

  • Real-time market insights that help businesses stay ahead in fast-evolving industries,
  • Access to a rigorously vetted network for accelerated startup scouting,
  • Contextual and semantic analysis that discerns nuanced market trends,
  • Tailored, actionable insights crafted for varied industries and organizational needs,
  • And many other features designed to empower enterprises, startups, VCs, and all innovation stakeholders with data-driven decision-making tools.

As we continue to expand our AI-driven capabilities, entrapeer remains focused on leading the charge in AI innovation. Our approach not only follows global trends – with 90% of leading businesses planning to maintain or increase AI investments – but also champions a future where technology and strategic foresight converge to create unparalleled opportunities for our clients.

Without further ado, here’s what our team had to say about their past two years at entrapeer. 


Embracing Change and Overcoming Challenges


The past year has been a testament to resilience and adaptability. 

We started the year with significant challenges, such as the Turkiye earthquake, from which we learned valuable lessons in agility and human-focused business practices. Sara, our Head of Product, mentioned;

“The biggest challenge we’ve faced so far was post-earthquake when we had to pause operations temporarily. This challenge led us to enhance our AI investments significantly, making our system more robust but also less dependent on human intervention during crises.”

This adaptation has allowed us to recover and improve our service delivery, focusing on what our clients need most: reliable, fast, and actionable market insights. 



As QA Analyst Erdem Furkan Aktas observed, this historical turning point paved the way for the development of our “reliable, independently operational AI structure,” all of which is part of our continuous effort to unlock our customers’ digital success. He continues:

“Watching entramind grow and evolve fills me with pride. Even though I’m not directly involved in its development, this growth embodies entrapeer’s commitment to collaboration and serving its community since the successful development of our AI engine relies on everyone’s input.”

Strengthened by this approach, we continue to refine our strategies to meet the ever-evolving demands of the marketplace.


Entrapeer’s Pivotal Innovations


One of our greatest revelations was that innovation doesn’t start with a startup or even a disruptive technology. It starts with a use case.

In other words, the proof is in the pudding. Enterprises and VCs need to understand the specific applications (and potential ROI) of a given technology before they will even consider investing in it.

Yet it is extremely difficult for startups to identify all possible use cases for their product. It’s even more difficult for large-scale enterprises to determine which technologies are worth investing in, let alone which specific use case is the best application of a given technology for their organization’s unique needs. 

In our first year, this insight spurred our pivot from an “innovation matchmaker” to the largest use-case database in the world. Our second year focused on migrating from manual processes to AI-powered use case generation and analysis



This breakthrough alone has redefined our operational model. Market research that used to take our human team months can be accomplished in mere minutes. As Mumtaz, our AI Engineer, points out:

“The introduction of AI to automate the generation of use cases was a pivotal moment for us. It improved our efficiency and enhanced our ability to provide deeper technological and competitor analysis.” 

Our journey from manual to automated, insight-driven processes ensures that both startups and enterprises can confidently navigate the complexities of modern markets with precision and foresight.


Building a Culture of Innovation through Our Team and Community


We always knew it, but this year set it in stone. Our team is our greatest asset. 


The entrapeer team at a tech conference


Our team members’ diverse backgrounds and expertise have fostered a culture of innovation and continuous learning. Our Head of Marketing, Hillary, shared her experience, saying;

 “Entrapeer taught me that I didn’t have to go it alone. That curiosity and openness are strengths that bind us to forge stronger teams and more innovative, agile companies. I feel much happier in my work and more confident in my abilities because entrapeer has given me a safe space to ask questions, propose novel ideas, and reimagine what’s possible.” 

This year has been full of challenges, but it has only helped our team grow, ask questions, and think creatively.


Lessons Learned in Year Two


Thanks to our team’s creativity and openness, our journey has been rich with learning opportunities. Each lesson has profoundly shaped our approach to innovation and customer service. Here are a few lessons we’ve learned in this second year:


Lesson #1: Bite-Sized Information is Better

We realized long ago that – in the 15-second world of TikTok – busy executives simply don’t have the capacity to read in-depth reports about unfamiliar (or entirely novel) technologies. 

That’s why we spent the past year training entramind to digest and interpret complex technical data into easy-to-understand actionable market intelligence reports that empower innovation teams, startup founders, and all innovation stakeholders to make informed decisions. 

Furthermore, vector embedding (with the help of our partners at Pinecone) has allowed us to embed dynamic infographics in our market research – meaning that every time new use cases are added to our platform, graphs are automatically updated to reflect current trends. This visualization of data makes it easy for CIOs, founders, and all our customers to scan market research and quickly understand whether a topic or technology is relevant to them.


Lesson #2: AI isn’t the Enemy

Every enterprise in the world is no doubt reaping the benefits of generative AI for content creation, customer service, and countless other use cases. 

Even within entrapeer, our team is relieved to take advantage of AI’s operational efficiencies and offload mundane tasks. As Erdem said, “At first the countless manual tasks in my day-to-day work posed a challenge, but the automation of many technical processes has significantly reduced my workload and enabled me to think more strategically.”

However, gen AI still appears as a threat to many industries. Entrapeer’s strength lies in our ability to harness the power of AI to synthesize insights from vast datasets, and then lean on our corporate innovation experts to translate these ideas into action. It was this revelation that prompted entrapeer’s new tagline: “AI-Powered Insights. Human-Powered Innovation.”

Going forward, we strive to blend the best of both worlds to accelerate strategic innovation and data-driven decision-making.


Enterprise AI for corporate innovation


Lesson #3: Embracing AI for Empowerment and Efficiency

Year two saw an influx of new enterprise and startup customers, and with them, more feedback on our platform. Across the board, clients have been stunned by the speed and accuracy of entrapeer’s AI-powered data synthesis.

Tasks that once took days are now completed in hours. Mumtaz, our AI Engineer, recalls when we conducted competitor analysis for one VC’s portfolio companies. A task that would normally require weeks of manual research was conducted in one day.

Similarly, Yigit Teksen – Head of Sales at entrapeer and CEO of Cielo Tech Studio – describes his onboarding experience: 

“During my exploration of entrapeer, I discovered local startups that were previously unknown to me, yet positioned as competitors of my company, Cielo Tech Studio. Subsequently, I used entrapeer to conduct further research, and this year, Cielo took a strategic step by acquiring a 20% stake in this competitor. We aim to provide financial support and establish a partnership for our research and development initiatives focused on emerging technologies on financial services.”

Clearly, entramind’s unrivaled speed and accuracy give our clients a competitive edge.


Lesson #4: Bridging Innovation Across Industries

Entrapeer’s culture of curiosity has continued to serve as the cornerstone of innovation, allowing us to effectively bridge diverse industries. 

Our platform provides clients with unparalleled insights. Sara, our Head of Product, captures the essence of our approach: 

“Accessing new technologies, newly funded companies, use cases, and trends is a wonderful opportunity for people like me. This capability allows us to connect the missing dots and create meaningful insights for our clients, propelling us toward becoming a key player in the corporate innovation ecosystem.” 

It’s this ability to link varied sectors and catalyze innovation that solidifies our role in the market.

Moving forward, these lessons will guide our efforts to innovate and adapt in an ever-evolving landscape. Our team is focused on ensuring that entrapeer remains at the forefront of corporate innovation solutions. 


Entrapeer’s Growth in 2024



As we look to the future, we are excited about the possibilities that our advanced AI capabilities will bring. Hillary, Head of Marketing, shared her excitement going into 2024; 

“We’re already offering an elevated startup experience, partnership opportunities for accelerators, instant market research reports, accurate tech trend predictions, and more. On the way are some truly revolutionary features that I’m not at liberty to discuss just yet…

I can say this: brace yourselves because as far as we’ve come, we’ve only just begun! I firmly believe that entrapeer is poised to fundamentally change the way people do business.” 

The advancements coming within this next year are set to revolutionize how enterprises identify and capitalize on emerging technologies. 


Two Years Have Come and Gone


The past two years of entrapeer have been two years of extraordinary growth, learning, and innovation. And we could never have done it without all of YOU.

As we celebrate this milestone, we thank our clients, team, and community for their unwavering support and trust. entrapeer is committed to continuing our mission to make corporate innovation more accessible, actionable, and attainable.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey into the future of corporate innovation. Here’s to many more years of success and innovation!