4 Ways Entrapeer Revolutionizes Market Research for Startups

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The startup landscape is more competitive than ever. If you want to succeed, you must understand volatile markets, identify your true competitors, and understand your target audience’s pain points. In other words: you must conduct market research andvalidate product-market fit.

Yet, for many founders operating with scant resources, these robust market research tools can seem like an unaffordable luxury. This challenge, combined with a lack of industry connections and the pressure to sprint forward, can leave startups at a disadvantage. 

At entrapeer, we pride ourselves on our commitment to making innovation accessible, actionable, and attainable for every startup – no matter what region they hail from or how much funding they have. With our new experience – entrapeer for startups – we empower startups, scaleups, and everyone in between with the tools and resources to develop actionable market research, unlock new business opportunities, and connect with qualified enterprise partners. 

Before we explore the how, let’s dive into the why. Read on for a better understanding of the current roadblocks to market research for startups, and how entrapeer helps you overcome these obstacles with our groundbreaking AI engine. 


Challenges in Startup Market Research


Navigating the maze of market research presents numerous hurdles for startups. From the prohibitive costs of premium market research tools for startups to the slow turnaround of human-driven analyses, here are the four main challenges that startups face when conducting market research.

Expense and Reliance on Human Effort

High-quality market research tools like Gartner and McKinsey remain out of reach for most startups due to their high costs. Additionally, these platforms still depend heavily on human analysis, which means insights and trend reports can be slow to publish, often rendering the data outdated by the time it reaches users.

Limited Access to Comprehensive Market Data

Startups frequently find themselves battling to access in-depth market data critical for informed decision-making. Without this data, fully understanding the market landscape and pinpointing prime opportunities become daunting tasks.

Difficulty Identifying True Competitors

The market is ever-evolving, with new contenders continually entering the arena. It’s a formidable challenge for startups to monitor all their competitors, decipher their strategies, and even identify which competitors warrant attention.

Connecting with the Right Partners and Investors

Finding partners and investors that align with a startup’s vision and growth targets usually demands considerable time and effort—a crucial step for expansion but a significant hurdle without the right resources.


Entrapeer’s Tailored Solution for Startups


At entrapeer, we set out with the bold premise of training an AI engine to automate use case discovery, market research, startup scouting, and other innovation tasks that eat up so much time and money. 

Our success in this endeavor means that we can offer enterprises and startups alike unrivaled access to real-time market insights – all at a fraction of the cost of other platforms. For startups, our robust toolset features a comprehensive use case database, Competitor Hub, News Hub, and Market Hub. Each component is designed to not only streamline your strategic planning process but also enhance your market adaptability and competitive edge. 

Let’s delve into how these tailored features can transform your approach to startup market research and strategic decision-making.

Expand Your Audience Through our Use Case Database

Most early-stage startups struggle to identify their optimal use case—let alone all potential applications of their technology.  After all, it’s impossible to know all potential applications of an emergent technology…right?

Wrong. Entrapeer built the world’s largest use case database to help startups discover their true competitors, provide dynamic market reports, and create custom infographics to help you visualize your solution’s untapped potential.

For example, US-based startup Phaidra developed software to optimize energy consumption in Google’s data centers. Thanks to our database, Phaidra determined that the same technology could be applied to pharmaceuticals, glass manufacturing, and other industries. As a result, the startup unlocked new, profitable revenue streams that vastly expanded their target audience. 

Track Competitors and Position Yourself for Success

Our Competitor Hub goes beyond simple lists to offer a 360-degree view of both your direct and indirect competition. We clearly outline your competitors’ positioning strategies, strengths, and weaknesses to inform your decision-making.

With this comprehensive analysis, startups can develop a distinctive go-to-market strategy that sets your brand apart and aligns your product with real-time market needs and opportunities.

Analyze Trends and Market Dynamics in Real-Time

Entrapeer’s News Hub is your essential portal for mastering the dynamic market landscape. By sourcing and synthesizing the latest trends, performance metrics, and industry dynamics from a diverse set of credible sources, our platform delivers crucial, timely insights directly to you. 

Equipped with this knowledge, startups can anticipate market shifts and adapt their strategies accordingly. Whether it’s a sudden change in consumer behavior, a new technological breakthrough, or evolving industry standards, our News Hub helps ensure you’re proactive, not reactive, in your growth strategy.

Uncover Market Opportunities and Threats

Entrapeer’s Market Hub empowers startups by demystifying market share distribution and highlighting potential entry barriers. This tool meticulously uncovers market opportunities and threats, presenting a lucid view of the business terrain you navigate. 

With these insights, startups can precisely tailor their business approaches, pinpointing untapped niches and understanding their position within the broader market context. Such strategic acumen allows startups to make well-informed decisions that align with their long-term growth goals and market positioning.


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