Entrapeer 2023: A Journey of Visionary Growth and Empowering Innovation

empowering innovation in 2023

As we stand at the threshold of a new year, it’s time to reflect on the strides we’ve made toward empowering innovation for startups, enterprises, VCs, and all stakeholders. 

This past year has been nothing short of a landmark in our relentless pursuit of revolutionizing AI-powered corporate innovation. It’s a year that saw us break new ground, forge unprecedented partnerships, and elevate our platform to new heights of excellence and influence.


2023 retrospective: empowering innovation for enterprises, startups & VCs


A Year of Record-Breaking Expansion and Exciting Startup Projects


2023 was a watershed year for entrapeer, marked by several groundbreaking achievements that have not only expanded our capabilities but also reinforced our position as a leader in the realm of corporate innovation.

Our platform has grown dramatically in size, but also in depth and capability, with some major milestones that paint a vivid picture of our progress.


Diverse and Robust Use Case Database


Our commitment to enriching our database bore fruit spectacularly this year. We added over 50,000 new use cases, each a beacon of potential, unlocking new vistas of innovation. This expansive library has become a cornerstone for enterprises and startups alike, offering a diverse range of real-world applications for emergent technologies.


Broadening Enterprise Engagement


This year, we were thrilled to welcome 45 new enterprise clients into the entrapeer fold. Each new partnership is a testament to the growing trust in and reliance on our platform, further broadening our influence and impact in the corporate sector. These collaborations are not just business transactions; they are alliances in the truest sense, paving the way for transformative innovation.


Dynamic News Processing


Keeping pace with the ever-evolving tech landscape, we processed over 400 news items daily. This herculean task ensures that our insights remain not only relevant but also prophetic, keeping our clients a step ahead of the curve. It’s a relentless pursuit of knowledge that keeps our platform dynamic and our clients well-informed.


Startups Ecosystem Growth


Our network witnessed exponential growth, now encompassing over 3 million vetted startups. Each of these startups is a potential game-changer in its domain, armed with innovative ideas and the zeal to disrupt the status quo. Our platform acts as a crucible where these bright sparks find the fuel they need to ignite.


Surge in Research Output and Speed


Q4 of 2023 marked a significant leap in the capabilities of our research team. Not only did we expand the team, but we also witnessed an unprecedented acceleration in their output culminating in a remarkable count of 20 in-depth market research reports released in December alone. This uptick in productivity is a clear indicator of our enhanced capability to provide timely, comprehensive insights that empower our clients with the most current and actionable market intelligence for strategic foresight.



Entrapeer’s impressive growth transcends mere numbers; it is a narrative of our unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and excellence. It’s a journey that has seen us not only grow in size but also in our ability to make a tangible impact on the way enterprises and startups collaborate and innovate.


New Features in 2024: Pioneering Tools for Empowering Innovation


New and Improved Company Bios


First things first, entrapeer took a significant leap in enhancing the depth and quality of its company data. We’ve meticulously upgraded our company profiles to offer a more comprehensive view of each organization, including in-depth financial data, and to fuel informed decision-making. 

What sets entrapeer apart is our method of population – these profiles are continuously updated via an active data stream. This ensures that the information you access is not just complete but also current, reflecting the latest developments and financial standings.



Introducing Portia: Entrapeer’s AI-Powered News Engine


2023 also witnessed the exciting integration of Portia – entrapeer’s custom-built AI-powered news engine – into our platform. 

Portia is a culmination of advanced AI and meticulous programming designed to sift through a vast array of information, extracting pertinent insights that will be instrumental in crafting in-depth, data-driven market reports. This integration marks a significant stride in our journey to offer cutting-edge market intelligence, ensuring that our users are always at the forefront of the latest industry trends and developments.

Our vision for Portia is ambitious: to expand its reach to approximately 100 global news sources and publish around 3,500 news articles daily on entrapeer. 


Coming Soon: Your Crystal Ball for Tomorrow’s Market Dominating Technologies


Our soon-to-be-launched AI-powered trend prediction engine is poised to be a game-changer for enterprises, startup projects, accelerators, and VCs alike. This cutting-edge tool will empower decision-makers to foresee which technologies will shape the future and which strategic pivots will bear fruit.

For CIOs and innovation teams, this means a sharper lens through which to view emerging technologies, enabling them to make informed, forward-thinking decisions. Startups will benefit from insights into evolving market needs, aligning their innovations more closely with future demands. Accelerators and VCs will find this tool invaluable for identifying promising startups and technologies that are likely to make a significant impact.

To learn more about how our AI-powered trends prediction paper works, check out our recent white paper on the subject.


Semantic Search: Navigating the Innovation Landscape with Precision

Navigating the immense wealth of content on entrapeer’s content-rich platform can be a daunting task, especially when searching for actionable data on emergent technologies. 

Traditional keyword-based searches often limit the scope of discovery, confining users to specific titles and phrases, and consequently, restricting their access to the full breadth of market insights. Recognizing this limitation, we’ve embraced semantic search technology, a game-changer in how searches are conducted and results are matched. This approach goes beyond mere keywords, focusing on the context of your query, thus offering a more intuitive and comprehensive way to unearth valuable insights.

Our revamped search functionalities are designed to cater to the diverse needs of our audience:

Entrapeer Search offers enterprises an unparalleled ability to explore use cases relevant to their specific markets. This feature provides a strategic advantage in identifying true competitors and uncovering potential collaborations or new ventures. Innovation teams can delve deep into market reports for a comprehensive understanding of their industry landscape, empowering them with knowledge for strategic planning and execution.

Meanwhile, Entractive Search introduces a novel, visual approach to exploring the complex and diverse data available on the entrapeer platform. This feature is particularly beneficial for startup projects and accelerators, providing a dynamic overview of market relationships and highlighting potential areas for innovation and growth.


Instant Market Insights: Real-Time Data for Real-Time Decisions


Our new Instant Research capability, utilizing state-of-the-art AI tools, elevates the process of delivering rapid, personalized market analyses. This feature meticulously browses company websites, news hubs, and other proprietary data sources to find the most reliable and relevant information, ensuring each report is both comprehensive and factually sound. 

For enterprises aiming to stay at the forefront in rapidly evolving industries, these insights are invaluable. Instant Research streamlines the scouting process, presenting findings directly on a personal dashboard. This enables CIOs and innovation teams to swiftly and strategically respond to shifts in use cases and company strategies, keeping them well-informed and one step ahead in the market.


Entrapeer for Startups: Accelerating Qualified Lead Generation


With the imminent launch of Entrapeer for Startups, we are set to offer unprecedented resources for the startup ecosystem. Specifically, the startup-focused projects and features that kept us occupied for much of last year include:

  • Competitor Hub: In-depth competitor profiles serve as an instrumental tool for startups and VCs to understand the competitive landscape, track investment trends, and identify collaboration opportunities.
  • Startup Online Presence: We continually monitor your company’s online presence so you can assess and respond to media mentions, industry news, and investment opportunities, ensuring that enterprises and investors see your brand as you want to be seen.
  • Market Hub: Our real-time market intelligence platform provides you with deep insights into ever-changing trends and conditions so you can stay agile and identify new opportunities before your competitors.
  • News Hub: The entrapeer News Hub offers startups a dynamic overview of the latest industry trends and technological breakthroughs. By aggregating and analyzing news from trusted sources, we provide valuable insights, helping startups fine-tune their business development strategies and craft timely, market-relevant go-to-market plans.
  • Investor Hub: Our investor hub compiles data on the investment theses, industry focus, financial history, and portfolio companies for thousands of investors. But don’t worry: entrapeer does the heavy lifting by matching you with the best investors based on your startup’s use cases and business goals.
  • Sales Hub: Our enterprise clients use entrapeer to explore partnership opportunities and discover innovative solutions that solve their important business challenges. As part of the entrapeer ecosystem, startups can ensure they are on the radar of global industry leaders, securing a fast track to PoCs and partnership deals.
  • Pivot Analysis: This internal capability analyzes thousands of companies’ historical website data periodically and identifies pivot points. By detecting changes in context, and finding newly added pages and publications on websites, entrapeer realizes if a company has changed its course and is adopting a new strategy. This new analytical capability will roll out to the entire entrapeer platform very soon.

The Competitor Hub and in-depth company profiles will be instrumental for startups and VCs in understanding the competitive landscape, tracking investment trends, and identifying collaboration opportunities.

This holistic approach to innovation intelligence is designed to foster synergies across our diverse audience, from the C-suite in global enterprises to the dynamic world of startups and investors.



Embrace the Best of Both Worlds with AI-Powered Insights AND Human-Powered Innovation


As we close the chapter on 2023, our journey continues with an undimmed passion for innovation and collaboration. The upcoming year promises to be another exciting phase, marked by groundbreaking features and tools that will empower our diverse audience. Stay tuned for what 2024 holds, and join us on this exhilarating path of discovery and growth.

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