The Latest in Emergent Technology and Tech Trends for 2024

emergent technologies & tech trends of 2024

With the advent of generative AI, today’s leading tech companies can now innovate faster than ever. Executives are increasingly looking to emergent technology to define their corporate strategy and gain a competitive advantage. But how can you tell which emergent tech trends live up to the hype and which are going to flop once the fad has passed?

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Unlock the Future: Learn How Car NFTs and Blockchain are Digitizing the Automotive Industry

Futuristic graphic of a holographic car projection with digital interface elements, including global positioning maps and data analytics, showcasing high-tech vehicle monitoring and diagnostics in a dark, immersive interface.

Explore how car NFTs are revolutionizing the automotive industry within the blockchain. Discover how they’re changing vehicle ownership and investments.

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How Automobile Customization is Shaping the Future of Driving

A mechanic in a workshop is analyzing a car engine with the help of advanced digital diagnostic interfaces that display various vehicle metrics and data points, symbolizing the integration of technology in vehicle maintenance.

Explore the future of automobile customization and car personalization in the industry, offering innovation and tailored driving experiences.

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Thermal Imaging Systems

Thermal camera image capturing people sitting in a public space, with varying heat signatures displayed in a spectrum from blue (cooler) to red (warmer). Individual temperatures are highlighted, with the highest reading at 36.8°C, indicating the technology's use in monitoring body temperature

Where a normal camera captures an image using visible light, thermal imaging systems capture images using heat. All objects (living and nonliving) produce or retain heat, so under certain atmospheric conditions – smoke, fog, low light, etc. – thermal imaging is actually superior to visible imaging because it registers objects the naked eye cannot see.

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